Treat your customers as you would like to be treated

Treat your customers as you would like to be treated

Treat your customers as you would like to be treated is the motto of CEO of Lars Lindin and the entire Ilmastointimittaus Lind Oy's operations.


Lars Lind is a man of principle,, stated in Talotekniikka magazine in spring 2016.The man who has been piloting his own company ImL since 2010 swears by the power of strong honesty and trust. Guided by these principles, customers are extremely satisfied with ImL's operations and have given a staggering 90 as a recommendation estimate, or NPS, in the Solution office Seed's survey conducted in the spring of 2020.


The 10th anniversary year is a good time to do a little analysis of what has happened in the past and what the next 10 years will bring. From the beginning, Lind has relied on his own view that trust is the beginning and the end of everything. Trust is achieved when things are done as they should and there is an honest and open communication between parties - even about possible mistakes. 


ImL's superior competitive advantage is professionalism. Let's do it uncompromisingly right. Professionalism is created by taking care of employee orientation, drawing up good instructions and ensuring that the new employee is supported by an experienced professional.  


Customers are also grateful for ImL’s quick ability to take action. “Everyone who needs help wants it fast. That's what I want too ”, says Lind. 


With an innovative approach, Lind wants to ensure that even after 10 years, the business will do well. Lind holds several patents to improve the performance and is involved in the development of the industry broadly. In 2017, Lind was involved in the Sisäilmapoliisi-research project. Next year he is expected to be involved in the EUREKA project: Design and Operation of air handling building systems to reduce risk of contagion in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic - focus on long-term care facilities and health centers. Lars Lind wants to be developing new cool stuff in the future, and not get stuck in place. The company has already begun it's world conquest in Norway and will continue it further.


The best proof of innovation is the technology offered by ImL, IML-Aeroseal: a patented, award-winning and practically proven technology that enables the sealing of existing air conditioning ducts from the inside. The treatment reduces duct leaks by an average of 90% and therefore improves the energy efficiency, health effects and usability of air conditioning. In addition to sealing work and contracting, ImL provides ventilation consulting, inspection and monitoring.


Not only is he a man of principle, Lind is also an insatiably curious. Problems were made to be solved and there is a solution to everything.

Ilmastointimittaus Lind

Lars Lind

IML – ilmastointimittaus Lind Oy

+358 40 187 2210

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