Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a popular pair of words nowadays. Buildings are being invested in because they are property, and property is something worth taking care of to get the best possible profit and to maintain it's value. 

Buildings are being updated with the latest automation hardware and software and VAV units' fans are switched to bigger, more robust and powerful ones. Still, sometimes it feels as if the very basics like the tightness of ventilation systems and it's influence in energy consumption and indoor air quality in general is forgotten.

Leaking ducts cause all sorts of problems, like high temperature even though the cooling system is at maximum value, stuffy air or sewerage odours. All of these are a distraction when one should be most efficient and productive. Eventually this will cost money. Not to mention the annoyance which, 90% of the time rightfully, comes across from the people using the building.

Just think of what kind of savings and what kind of indoor air quality we could achieve if for example the ventilation system's tightness class of a seven storey building from the 1970's to 1990's would be C or D when the starting point is class A, maybe even double?